How War, Pornography and Fast Food Have Shaped Modern Technology

Sex, Bombs and Burgers is published by Lyons Press in the United States, Penguin Canada and Allen & Unwin in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and is in bookstores everywhere.

What's it about? Here's the Amazon description:

War. Fast Food. Pornography. Pervasive in our culture, these three obsessions may seem to represent the worst qualities of humankind. But what have our lust, greed and rage driven us to achieve?

In this surprising and original book, Peter Nowak argues that most of the major technological advances of the last sixty years have stemmed from the trio of billion-dollar industries that cater to our basest impulses. From Saran Wrap to aerosols, digital cameras to cold medicine and GM foods to Google, many of the gadgets and conveniences we enjoy today can be traced back to either the porn, military or fast food industry.

Nowak reveals such unexpected links as:

-How the inventors of toys like Barbie and the Slinky perfected their creations with military-tech know-how.

-Why "one giant leap for mankind" brought us better hospital meals and stricter food quality control guidelines.

-How innovations in the adult-film industry will help us build better robotic limbs.

If you've ever wondered what inspired the invention of Java, online video streaming or even Tupperware — well, you might not want to know the answer. But you will find it in this book.


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